Google Advertising Company- A Class Above The Rest

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When you think of Google you don ‘t first associate it with being an advertising company. Largely because Goggle advertising is much more discreet but make no mistake, it is an advertising company.

Google advertising company (let us call it what it is), does not make any money from being an search engine. You are not charged when you search, so where does there revenue come from? What about software? Well Google does not make money from software either. Google makes money from selling advertisements. How much money do they make from advertising? 97% of Google’s revenue comes from advertising, the other 3 % comes from licensing and other types of revenue.

Google has one of the best advertising models on the internet, and here is why. Google advertising company is effective because it offers people what they are looking for. The model does not bombard you with spam. When you open the Google search page, you will notice that it is blank. There is no advertisements at all- not one. The minute you put in your search keywords, your search results appear, all paid advertisement will appear on the top of the result page as well as on the right panel. This is why Google advertising is so effective. It gives you products which are what you are looking for and it puts marketer in touch with their niche. It brings the marketer and the buyer in touch without either one having to look for the other. There are many different advertisement payment possibilities such as pay-per-click programmes or pay per lead.

Google ‘s advertisement payment structures have another positive aspect which makes it different from their competitors. They offer the possibility of buying advertising space for cheap. They also offer the possibility of choosing how you prefer them to charge you. With one example being the pay-per-click method, you get charged every time somebody clicks on your business link. Google advertisement company is a cut above the rest when it comes to online advertising a company which delivers classy advertising which is effective, less obvious and offers an affordable solution for all.

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